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  • Crêpe lasagna with goat cheese and Bolognese

    Crêpe lasagna with goat cheese and Bolognese

    Introducing a unique and indulgent twist on a classic Italian favorite - Goat Cheese Bolognese Crêpe Lasagna made with the Gluten-Free Flipcrêpes Buckwheat-Millet crêpe mix. This decadent dish combines layers of savory Bolognese sauce, creamy goat cheese, and delicate crepes made with the finest gluten-free ingredients.
  • La complète on buckwheat galette

    La complète on buckwheat galette

    Definitely on of the most popular galette in France is, La Complète which consist of grated Emmental cheese, a slice of ham, and an egg cooked on top.
  • Traditional Galettes de Sarrasin

    Traditional Galettes de Sarrasin

    The original Galettes de Blé Noir does not contain eggs or milk and are gluten free and vegan.

    Note: if your cast iron pan or Billiq are not well-seasoned, the Galettes may stick. Adding egg(s) to your batter.

    Tip: To decrease the resting time down to 6h max, add 1/2 oz of honey when starting the mixing process. Honey will help with the fermentation process, decreasing the rest time. Do not add too much as it will make the galettes stick to the billiq.

  • Ficelles Picarde (crêpes gratin)

    Ficelles Picarde (crêpes gratin)

    Ficelle picarde is a dish of Picardy, northern France, consisting of a savory crêpe stuffed with Gruyère cheese, mushrooms, and ham.

    Though now considered a classic Picardy dish, its origins appear based in  l'hôtel du Commerce, in Amiens-France, where chef, Marcel Lefèvre, created it in 1950 during a local fair. Some stories also state the dish originated in the era of Louis XIV.

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