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Our All Gluten Free Menu!


wrapped in our original sweet 12" gluten free crêpe.

bacon egg cheddar

apple-wood smoked bacon, cheddar and two over-medium eggs

ham egg cheddar

Cure 81® ham, cheddar and two over-medium eggs


all-natural turkey sausage, cheddar, two over-medium eggs, with natural maple syrup drizzle

bam jam

Cure 81® ham and apple-smoked bacon, cheddar, whipped cream cheese, two over-medium eggs and jam (select one)

select : strawberry | blueberry | raspberry

brisket mexicali

Pulled beef briskets, cheddar, two over-medium eggs, black beans, cilantro, Serrano peppers, with home-made Pico de Gallo

feta pesto avocado

Haas avocado, crumble feta, two over-medium eggs, organic grape tomatoes, cilantro, organic baby spinach, with fresh basil pesto

shiitake tofu

roasted Shiitake-garlic mushrooms, marinated tofu, two over-medium eggs, organic grape tomatoes, watermelon radishes and baby arugula

*Available in select locations


wrapped in our 14" gluten free Buckwheat crêpes

Baja chicken

pulled roasted chicken breast with a zesty chipotle-lime aioli, roasted corn-bean salsa, Poblano pepper, red onions, cilantro, organic baby spinach and arugula

club royale

pulled roasted chicken breast, mayonnaise, smoked bacon, Gruyère Swiss, Haas avocado, organic grape tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, organic baby spinach and arugula

briskets smokehouse

smoked beef briskets, smoked cheddar, smoked bacon, Poblano pepper, dill pickle, organic baby spinach & arugula and creamy pepper adobo & Bull's eye® original BBQ sauce

spicy Italian

Cure81® ham, hot Capicola, natural pepperoni, Gruyère Swiss, sun-dried olives, organic grape tomatoes, Poblano peppers, organic baby spinach, with hot Giardinera and mayo

chicken pesto

pulled roasted chicken breast in pesto, fresh mozzarella, red onions, cherry tomatoes, golden raisins,  toasted pepitas, baby organic spinach & baby arugula and basil pesto sauce

tuna flip

Home-made tuna salad with pickles, red onions, Persian cucumbers, organic grape tomatoes, watermelon radishes, baby organic spinach and baby arugula and mayo

*Available in select locations

sweets crêpes

our signature recipes wrapped in our 14" gluten free vanilla crêpe

butter sugar

butter sugar | butter cinnamon sugar | butter sugar lemon juice


Nutella® hazelnut chocolate | sea-salt caramel | 54% dark chocolate | white chocolate | strawberry reduction | blueberry reduction | raspberry reduction | lemon curd


fresh raspberries, vanilla bean cream, raspberry reduction, white chocolate and coconut flakes


banana, Nutella® hazelnut chocolate and candied pecans

strawberry dream

strawberries, vanilla bean cream, strawberry reduction and toasted almonds

blueberry lemon

blueberries, vanilla bean cream, blueberry reduction, lemon curd and poppy seeds

peanut monster

natural peanut butter, banana, jam and 54% dark chocolate

select : strawberry | blueberry | raspberry


cold brew

PassionHouse Coffee Roasters cold brew concentrate mixed with a little spring water and served on ice.

iced frappé latte

PassionHouse Coffee Roasters cold brew concentrate mixed with milk of choice and served on ice.


PassionHouse Coffee Roasters nitro


small batch brew

Black Mamba beans crafted by PassionHouse Coffee Roasters

espresso doppio*

espresso macchiato*




flat white*

caffé latte*

*Available in select locations