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  • Marie

    Super fast shipping and I was beyond excited to see that they could ship to me in NV. Missed their crepes so much after I moved...

  • Jill P.

    Fantastic! The sweet crepes were as amazing as I expected... was floored by the savory crepes as well. Can't wait to visit again!

  • Cindy

    This gluten free crepe mix is amazing. My customers love it and say it’s the best gf crepe they’ve ever had.

  • Lindsay M.

    I've never had such a brilliant crepe experience and EVERYTHING was gluten free! [...] The crepes themselves: the sweet vanilla ones were soft and tender,..

  • 4Sheri

    Having been to the restaurant and eaten one of these gluten free crepes, I could not believe they were anything but delicious. We ordered online for the mix to be sent to us and received the order in a matter of days...

    Trip Advisor
Flipcrepes Crepe Griddle Wiper and Cleaner Flipcrepes Crepe Griddle Wiper and Cleaner

Crêpe Griddle Wiper

Wipe off excess oils on your griddle or pan like a pro.

Some Optional Subtitle

T-Batter Spreader

7" T-Spreaders For Professional 15" Griddles (40cm) or 5" T-Spreaders for Pans 10"-12".

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We are passionate about everything crêpes and are excited to share our love for this delicious, versatile, and easy-to-make recipes with you. Our blog features a wide range of crêpe recipes, from classic sweet and savory crepes to unique and creative variations that will inspire you to try something new.

In addition to our recipe collection, we also provide instructional videos and tips to help you perfect your crêpe-making skills. We believe that anyone can make delicious crêpes, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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