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Whether you are just looking to make occasional crêpes at home or are an industry professional, we have curated the best quality cookware and tools for cooking crêpes and the like.


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  • Frangipane Crêpes

    Frangipane Crêpes

    Some may think that Frangipane involves fancy pastry chefs' techniques, but in reality, it may be one of the most uncomplicated and useful recipes in a chef's repertoire. Frangipane can be used in a variety of ways, not just tarts, and goes...

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  • La complète on buckwheat galette

    La complète on buckwheat galette

    Definteley on of the most popular galette in France is, La Complète which consist of grated Emmental cheese, a slice of ham, and an egg cooked on top. *Galette Batter Recipes can be found Here.

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  • Goat cheese & Honey Crêpe Samosas

    Goat cheese & Honey Crêpe Samosas

    These crêpe samosas are self contained, elegant and ideal for sharing appetizers or serving at receptions. Since you can put in types of fillings or flavors in crêpes, these samosas can be adapted with dessert fillings. * Froment Batter Recipes can be found Here....

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