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  • French Sweet Froment Crêpes

    French Sweet Froment Crêpes

    Froment is the name the French gave to flour made from soft-wheat. Most flour you will find in your local supermarket contains hard wheat. For those who are proficient for baking or pasta/pizza making, you should be familiar with the soft wheat "00" Italian flour or the French T45, T55 or T65 types. We recommend using Soft wheat flour for making crêpes, as it will make a difference.

    In France, but especially in Brittany, every family has a recipe for crêpes which was passed on from Mamie (grand-mother), or other friends and family. 

  • Traditional Galettes de Sarrasin

    Traditional Galettes de Sarrasin

    The original Galettes de Blé Noir does not contain eggs or milk and are gluten free and vegan.

    Note: if your cast iron pan or Billiq are not well-seasoned, the Galettes may stick. Adding egg(s) to your batter.

    Tip: To decrease the resting time down to 6h max, add 1/2 oz of honey when starting the mixing process. Honey will help with the fermentation process, decreasing the rest time. Do not add too much as it will make the galettes stick to the billiq.

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