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Recipe Ideas

  • La complète on buckwheat galette
    september 26, 2020

    La complète on buckwheat galette

    Definteley on of the most popular galette in France is, La Complète which consist of grated Emmental cheese, a slice of ham, and an egg cooked on top. *Galette Batter Recipes can be found Here.

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  • Traditional Galettes de Sarrasin
    september 25, 2020

    Traditional Galettes de Sarrasin

    The original Galettes de Blé Noir does not contain eggs or milk and are gluten free and vegan. Note: if your cast iron pan or Billiq are not well-seasoned, the Galettes may stick. Adding egg(s) to your batter. Tip: To decrease the resting...

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  • Ficelles Picarde (crêpes gratin)
    september 25, 2020

    Ficelles Picarde (crêpes gratin)

    Batter Recipes can be found Here. Ficelle picarde is a dish of Picardy, northern France, consisting of a savory crêpe stuffed with Gruyère cheese, mushrooms, and ham. Though now considered a classic Picardy dish, its origins appear based in  l'hôtel du Commerce,...

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