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Crêpe Griddle Wiper & Cleaning Pad

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Color: Silver

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Griddle & Pan Cleaning Pad is built with minimalist design and industrial-strength. They are also compatible with the older model Krampouz ATG-1, therefore if you have a Krampouz ATG-1 our felt pads are compatible with them.

  • The Wiper's felt pad cradle is slightly shallower than the ATG-1 which allows the Crêpe makers to use the felt pad to the maximum of its lifespan. 
  • The handle knob is made of a resin composite which is heat resistant and won't melt.
  • The construction is industrial great and simply designed to allow for easy cleaning and re-assembly.


  • Our Griddle Wipers are same felt pad dimension as ATG1 from Krampouz®
  • Our tapered handle is 2.5"H by 1.5"W
  • The handle is made of High-Performance Thermoplastic with a Melting point above 1,000°F
  • Height: 3" , Weight: 5.3/8oz
  • Simple design, Industrial Quality. works with 1/4-20 1/2"  screw.
  • Easy to take apart & clean.
  • Handwash recommended.

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