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You gather, we cater!

Drop-Off Catering Services

breakfast catering

assorted crêpe box

serves 8-12 people served with utensil sets and napkins

Select up to 4 items and make an assorted box of 12 crêpe wraps.

Share with friends & colleagues! Perfect for your early meetings at the office!

*Available in select locations

all-day catering

BIG salad bowl

serves 5-6 people served with serving utensils, individual cups, utensil sets and napkins.

Your favorite salad for a group, hand-tossed and packed with freshly cut & prepared ingredients.

Optionally add a stax** of crêpes for your guests to make their own wraps. 

Prefer having your Scram'bowls individually packed? let us know when placing your order online at


Haas avocado, marinated kale and parsley & mint quinoa tabbouleh, organic grape tomatoes, shredded beet, carrots, fresh blueberries, hemp hearts and raspberry pomegranate dressing


Ciliegine mozzarella, layered organic baby spinach and arugula, Haas avocado, organic grape tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, red onions, with balsamic and basil pesto


fire roasted corn-bean salsa, organic baby spinach and quinoa, smoked cheddar, Haas avocado, red onions, Poblano peppers and home-made avocado ranch dressing

Greek salad*

crumble Feta cheese, baby arugula and parsley & mint quinoa tabbouleh, organic grape tomatoes, bell peppers, Persian cucumbers, red onions, cured black olives, and Greek yogurt feta dill dressing

shiitake teriyaki*

roasted sliced shiitake mushrooms, layered organic baby spinach, marinated kale, watermelon radishes, beet-carrot slaw, Serrano peppers, cilantro, with sesame naturally fermented teriyaki dressing


Gruyère Swiss, layered organic baby spinach, baby arugula, fire-roasted corn, shredded carrots, organic grape tomatoes, Persian cucumber, topped with hard-boiled eggs, crushed walnuts with home-made creamy honey Dijon

*optional proteins

pulled roasted chicken breast  |  marinated tofu  |  smoked bacon |  tuna salad

*Available in select locations

sweets crêpes

six of a kind

serves 6 people served with utensil sets and napkins

Six individually boxed crêpe served with optional can of whipped cream (extra)!

butter sugar

butter sugar | butter cinnamon sugar | butter sugar lemon juice


Nutella® hazelnut chocolate | sea-salt caramel | 54% dark chocolate | white chocolate | strawberry reduction | blueberry reduction | raspberry reduction | lemon curd


fresh raspberries, vanilla bean cream, raspberry reduction, white chocolate and coconut flakes


banana, Nutella® hazelnut chocolate and candied pecans

strawberry dream

strawberries, vanilla bean cream, strawberry reduction and toasted almonds

blueberry lemon

blueberries, vanilla bean cream, blueberry reduction, lemon curd and poppy seeds

peanut monster

natural peanut butter, banana, jam and 54% dark chocolate
select : strawberry | blueberry | raspberry

beverages totes

batch brew coffee tote

Includes cups, milk & sugar 
(64 oz - Serves  6-8)

hot tea Rishi® tote

Includes lemons, milk, cups and sugar
(64 oz - Serves  6-8)

hot chocolate tote*

Includes cups, milk & sugar
(64 oz - Serves  6-8)

*Available in select locations

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